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procedures on life-like, fully-responsive virtual patients


Accelerate competency of new techniques, latest devices, and drug treatments



Players are timed and scored for accuracy, speed, and decision-making skills


Earn CME credits when you successfully complete patient cases*


*AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ earned for select cases

Launched at CHEST 2018, Pulm Ex challenges pulmonologists through presenting a spectrum of general and interventional pulmonology cases designed to sharpen cognitive and analytical skills using video game technology. Physicians can diagnose and treat highly-realistic, interactive virtual patients, and perform bronchoscopy with intervention on ultra-realistic simulations of the trachea and bronchial tree that breathe, bleed, secrete fluid, respond to pressure, changes property when cauterized, and more. Try our first set of cases, including our highly acclaimed foreign object removal CME case challenges! New stent and balloon tools and cases covering IPF, COPD, asthma and lung cancers are coming soon! Read the Pulm Ex launch press release.

Free for healthcare professionals. Available for iPhone. Coming soon for Android.

Cardio Ex is the first professional video game for physicians presenting challenging case studies in general cardiology, interventional cardiology, and electrophysiology. Diagnose and treat fully-interactive virtual patients to refine knowledge and skills applied at the point-of-care. In addition to immersive exploration of case studies, physicians can train on new devices, refine techniques, and learn about drug therapies in engaging formats. Cases to be featured in Cardio Ex: PCI, Structural Heart Intervention, Cardiac Echo, ACS, Arrhythmias, Dyslipidemias, Valvular Heart Disease, and more!

Available in app stores in early 2019.

Perform Difficult Airway procedures using the latest medical devices; plus, anesthesia simulations on our fully-interactive virtual patients that breathe, bleed, responds to pressure, can laryngospasm, and more. Our Airway Ex video game is used by anesthesiologists, emergency medicine physicians, and other providers to hone their skills and earn CME credit.

Free for medical professionals.

Virtually diagnose GI diseases and conditions and perform life-like interventional procedures in our popular physician video game, Gastro Ex. Played by gastroenterologists all over the world, Gastro Ex improves visual detection skills, and keeps physicians up-to-speed on rare case presentations and new tools. Cases feature IBD patients, polypectomies, perforations and endoclips, treatment planning, and much more.

Free for healthcare professionals.


New! Intubate Using Augmented Reality (AR)

Visualize the benefits of video laryngoscopy over direct rigid laryngoscopy for standard intubations using AR from any iPhone or iPad with Airway Ex. Virtually intubate from a hospital bed, an emergency room floor, or even on your kitchen table!

Free download for iPhone and iPad