About Us

We’re an award-winning game studio creating industry-leading mobile, AR and VR games that present ultra-realistic, fully interactive virtual patients that physicians can explore to improve clinical decision-making with real patients. Through using state-of-the-art visual effects and game design methodologies, we’re revolutionizing the way physicians keep up-to-speed about disease presentations, challenging cases, the latest surgical techniques, and new medical devices and drug therapies to stay sharp in their specialty.


Preview our free iOS and Android apps in Anesthesiology and Gastroenterology (Pulmonology and Cardiology apps coming soon):


Pfizer ECCO Booth - Gastro Ex Screen.JPG

Gastro Ex debuts in VR at ECCO 2018 with Pfizer

Level Ex supporting Pfizer’s growth in gastroenterology

February 14, 2018

Challenge Accepted! Level Ex Wins Audience Choice at IPF Challenge ▸

Training physicians to detect and manage IPF using Pulm Ex mobile game   

January 25, 2018

Give Yourself Some Credit: Perform Virtual Procedures and Earn CME with Gastro Ex ▸

Gastroenterologists can earn free CME credits for playing our virtual patient cases right from their phone 

December 1, 2017


Airway Ex app crosses 100,000 HCP registered users!

February 28, 2018

A Dose of Confidence: Baxter and Level Ex Create Suprane Mini-Game ▸

Real-time dosing game to educate physicians about administering Suprane

December 4, 2018