The Game Developers Conference (GDC) Through the Eyes of Six Physicians

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) Through the Eyes of Six Physicians

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is the world’s largest professional game industry event. This year, our team at Level Ex decided to share this exciting, eye-opening event with a group of physicians. We hosted a group of six physicians across various specialities - from OBG/YN to Neurology to Emergency Medicine and Otolaryngology. No matter their specialty or location, they all agreed on one thing: The technology they saw has the potential to drive the medical industry forward. Here are just a few of the benefits they believe this cutting-edge technology can bring to medicine:

  • Accelerate the learning curve: “Medicine in general - the content is very difficult for people to conceptualize. If you can take that content and put it into an immersive experience to help people better understand very complex processes, then you will accelerate that learning curve.” - Eric Gantwerker, Pediatric ENT Surgeon

  • Increase patient safety: “There is a saying for surgery - you see one, do one, teach one...This would add a layer of safety. It provides a safe place to learn an instrument, to learn a technique. You can potentially raise quality and you can increase patient safety and ultimately make things more accessible for surgeons and be able to have them learn in a safe environment. Because oftentimes you are literally dealing with major catastrophic situations if a mistake is made.” - Brian Gantwerker, Neurosurgeon

  • Improve accessibility to information: “What resonated with me, was this ability to be in the same room and communicate with someone no matter where they are. Access experts, communicate with colleagues anywhere. This is really appealing. A lot of medicine is, how do we communicate with other people?” - Komal Bajaj, OB/GYN Physician

  • Drive down costs: “$40,000 per body. Class on average is 150-200 students per year and you need about 20 cadavers. If you want to talk about ROI, this is it.”  - Eric Gantwerker, MD

The GDC physician tour sparked an important conversation between the people who are saving lives in our country on a daily basis and the people who are developing the country’s most engaging content around the world. There is a lot they can learn from one another and the collaboration between both groups can help us push medical training to another level that will saves lives in the end. We are excited to have started this conversation last week and even more excited to continue it.


Kelsey Brosseau