Gen Paquette, Chief Marketing Officer: Why Level Ex?

Gen Paquette, Chief Marketing Officer: Why Level Ex?

I joined Level Ex as the Chief Marketing Officer in April of 2016. I had just had my first child and was advising a handful of digital health companies on the side. I was not actively looking for my next full time opportunity, but a friend put me in touch with Sam. Needless to say, I was hooked the moment I heard Sam’s vision and mission for the company.

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When I first came on board, we did not have our name yet and we were still 6 months out from launching our first app. It was a daunting commitment, but one I did not waver on for a single moment.

I believe wholeheartedly that impacting patient care begins with the physician. Consumers expect a level of knowledge and experience with their physician that can’t be found elsewhere. A poorly-trained physician can have devastating repercussions. I also believe that video games can be used as a powerful tool to facilitate learning with the ability to change the way surgeons train on procedures – meaning better outcomes for patients.

I think what we’re working at Level Ex is so groundbreaking and will fundamentally change physician training and therefore patient safety. It makes the long hours, late nights, and stressful times completely worth it.

Kelsey Brosseau