Collaboration Day with New Client, Medtronic

Collaboration Day with New Client, Medtronic

Our team at Level Ex had the honor of hosting, Miles Curro, Senior Manager of Global Market Development at Medtronic, yesterday at the Level Ex Chicago headquarters to kick off our recent partnership.

Medtronic group shot-blog.jpg

It was truly a day of cross collaboration and a melding of the mines to strengthen our relationship and share knowledge between one another.

Miles jumped right in with the team, throwing on an Oculus to try out the virtual reality experiences we have available in the office. He then sat down with our Art Lead, Ryan, and took a dive into the 3D,  digital sculpting and painting tools the team uses to create the ultra-realistic anatomy found within Level Ex apps and virtual experiences.

From there, it was time for the Level Ex team to gain a better understanding of the specifics around Medtronic and some of its devices that our team will be re-creating. Mannequins were brought out and Miles led the team through a hands-on, informative session that helped everyone in the room ask the questions needed before recreating the devices in virtual reality.


This day gave us the opportunity to provide Miles with an inside peak of our process and capabilities while it gave Miles the opportunity to go through his product in detail with the Level Ex team. The collaboration, conversations and brainstorming that happened yesterday were invaluable.

Kelsey Brosseau