Airway Ex at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2016 Annual Meeting

Airway Ex at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2016 Annual Meeting

“I didn’t expect my first experience with Oculus™ to be at a medical meeting,” said one physician with a crowd around him in resounding agreement at the ANESTHESIOLOGY 2016 Annual Meeting in Chicago. Airway Ex wowed over 650 Anesthesiologists with a virtual reality experience that included demoing the new Airway Ex app on iPad™ Pros and touring Level Ex’s VR airway using an Oculus Rift™. During the show, physicians performed over a thousand virtual airway intubations on mobile devices using Airway Ex.  

Level EX’s goal was to educate Anesthesiologists about Airway Ex’s capability to provide ultra-realistic difficult airway simulations through personal mobile devices they use every day in a clinical setting.

  Felipe Urdaneta, MD, Vice President Society for Airway Management

Felipe Urdaneta, MD, Vice President
Society for Airway Management


Key learnings from ANESTHESIOLOGY 2016:

  • 1 in 2 U.S. Anesthesiologists who demoed the app had little-to-no access or seldom used airway simulations for training, so using Airway Ex on a mobile device (and for free) was a game changer for them

  • Over 90% of physicians who demoed the app said they would use it to practice virtual intubations and recommend it to colleagues

  • Physicians loved the realism, responsiveness, and complexity of the 3D cases, shared patient scenarios they wanted to experience, and offered to submit surgical videos to Level Ex to recreate in the app

  • Dozens of participants spent 15 minutes or more using the app at the booth – we almost signed them up to be Level Ex spokespeople!  

  • Medical device companies were stunned by the ability to recreate medical devices in 3D and demonstrate how they can be used in a surgical setting – all within the Airway Ex product experience

We were inspired by the enthusiasm and tremendous support we got from the medical community this weekend. Download the free Airway Ex app for iOS™ and Android™.

Kelsey Brosseau