Challenge Accepted! Level Ex Wins Audience Choice at IPF Challenge


We were incredibly honored to be selected as the 2018 Audience Choice Award Winner last night at the IPF Catalyst Challenge! Level Ex’s pitch was voted to be the winning solution that the crowds (both at the event and watching online) thought was the viable answer for improving IPF patient outcomes.

With plans to launch our newest app in pulmonology later in the year, this funding will be used to develop video game IPF cases in our upcoming Pulm Ex game, moving towards a goal of training doctors to successfully detect and treat the disease. IPF is frequently misdiagnosed, and once the correct diagnosis is established, it’s often too late for treatment.

We’re inspired and beyond excited to develop a solution that will address the major gaps seen today with this life-threatening lung disease. A huge thank you to Three Lakes Partners, their Managing Director Ken Bahk and CMO Elizabeth Estes, Tom Hurvis, and Bill Vick from PF Warriors.

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Kelsey Brosseau