Technical Game Designer

Located in Chicago, Level Ex’s fast-growing game studio is transforming the way surgeons hone their skills by practicing high-risk surgeries with the latest medical devices in our industry-leading mobile, AR, and VR titles. Our games are built using state-of-the-art graphics and physics tech, and deploy an arsenal of well-designed game mechanics to capture the thrill and challenge of performing real surgery. These games increase dramatically in difficulty as the player progresses, and are carefully crafted with professional level design, compulsion loops, flow channels, and deliberate gameplay balance. Backed with a mature art pipeline and latest-gen engine tech, we’re able to recreate surgery with spectacular realism. Our engine has earned the trust of the country’s leading surgeons; plus, we’ve custom-built GPU-based real-time fluids, tissue shading, and soft-body systems that enable a wide range of new game mechanics in mobile and VR. Our team unites award-winning game designers, developers, and 3D artists with top surgeons, all passionate about using game design approaches to keep doctors across the world performing at the top of their game.


What You’ll Be Doing With Us:

  • Designing games for practicing surgeons - capturing the thrill and challenge of high-risk procedures, cutting-edge medical devices, and ultra-rare cases by applying proven game

  • Working with Senior Designers to help define all aspects of gameplay: balance, scoring, interface, and UX

  • Identifying game events and data to be tracked in the analytics system for future gameplay optimization

  • Working with our medical advisors and bioengineers to research medical procedures to inform key game design decisions

  • Translating complex medical procedures and ideas into gameplay

  • Detailing mission designs and their requirements with supporting documents and reference materials

  • Coordinating with developers and production to ensure successful completion of assigned work

  • Working with doctors and surgeons on technical specifications, plus tracking their game feedback


Who We Want To Interview:

  • 2+ years of game design experience

  • A thorough grasp of the psychology of game design, and experience applying those principles in new designs

  • A broad toolbox of applied game mechanics across a range of genres

  • Experience optimizing and rebalancing a live game product post-launch based on user feedback and data

  • Has solid Unity engine experience, C# a major plus

  • Has shipped at least one title/game

  • Has experience creating, revising and maintaining game design documentation

  • Has proven ability to document and communicate design ideas

  • Work closely with other engineers, artists, designers and medical staff to identify technical risks, and implement solutions

  • A solid understanding of the  fundamentals of UX an advantage

  • Background and understanding of  art pipelines a major plus

  • Bonus points for a scientific or medical background


How We Make You Happy

  • Competitive Salary

  • Paid Vacation, Sick Days, and Paid Holidays

  • Medical, Dental, FSA, and 401K plan

  • Commuter Benefits

  • Unlimited Cold Brew Coffee, Beer, and Snacks  

  • Flexible work schedules/relaxed work environment



Send us your resume and a cover letter telling us why we should hire you for the role. If you have examples of your work and/or a portfolio, send it along with your resume; it brings you one step closer to an interview with us. Apply by emailing us at