Level Ex Team


Sam sets the vision for Level Ex and its products. He has spent his entire career leading teams and companies at the cutting-edge of the video game industry. Sam’s mission is to unleash the latest visual effects and engagement methodologies from the video game industry into the field of medicine. Before Level Ex, Sam was CEO of the leading independent game publisher in Hollywood, acquired by Playtech (PTEC) in 2016. Under his leadership, the company created award-winning mobile games for tens of millions of players based on popular films, including The Hunger Games and Mission: Impossible. Earlier in his career, Sam led the DirectX team at Microsoft and was responsible for pushing the visual limits of video games across the industry. His team’s graphics work at Microsoft resulted in a prestigious Technical Emmy for their contribution to the state-of-the-art in interactive entertainment. Sam established his roots at LucasArts working on leading games for Star Wars films.

Over the last decade, Sam has leveraged his game development expertise to pioneer the creation of award-winning medical simulations. These training tools have attracted hundreds of thousands of users and garnered support from top academic hospitals.

Sam’s name is featured on several technology patents, popular video game titles, and he has been the recipient of numerous industry awards. He currently sits on major video game and technology advisory boards, including Intel and Microsoft. Sam holds an M.S. in Computer Science, Graphics from Stanford University, and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois.

Sam Glassenberg
Founder & CEO

Genevieve steers Level Ex's business strategy, marketing, and medical education functions, including managing the company's medical advisors and strategic partnerships with hospitals and medical societies. Since the company’s inception, she leads building awareness and engaging physician, pharmaceutical, medical device, investor, and game development audiences. Genevieve brings over 20 years of marketing experience to Level Ex, previously holding leadership roles at top healthcare companies, including WebMD and Welltok, and started her career working with consumer brands such as Adobe, Microsoft, RealNetworks, and Warner Brothers.

At WebMD, Genevieve was the head of marketing for Medscape, where she led a 30+ person team that kept Medscape as the most used, online brand by physicians, including launching their iOS and Android mobile apps to a multi-year #1 ranking, capturing 50% of US physicians as members, running product engagement to support $350 million in advertising per year, and aiding the brand's global expansion hitting 10 million professional members. Over the past decade, Genevieve has built up a sought-after knowledge base of deeply understanding how physicians are trained, their motivation and challenges, and their interactions with patients in almost every setting. Her personal health journey with Type 1 diabetes provided additional perspective on, and the drive to discover, how new technology can advance both patient and physician education.

When she isn’t picking the brain of doctors, Genevieve enjoys 3D home design and following the music industry; she’s seen over 1,000 concerts and was a freelance music writer and guitarist. Genevieve now calls the Boston area home; she runs the company’s second office in downtown Boston and is a member of Level Ex’s board of directors.

Genevieve Paquette
Chief Marketing Officer

Itay is a world-renowned game designer, creator of award-winning independent games played by millions of users, including Mushroom 11, winner of the Apple Design Award (2017) and Google Play Standout Indie Game of the Year Award (2017). Itay leads game design, user experience, and in-game physics for Level Ex’s mobile, VR, and AR titles. He analyzes the cognitive components of Level Ex’s products, including level of challenge, complexity, and efficacy to influence physician behaviors.

Itay holds over 20 years of game design and engineering management experience, including the role of Chief Technology Officer of ICQ, an instant messaging service with over 100 million users (acquired by AOL), and lead game designer at Oberon Media. Not long after founding Brooklyn-based indie game studio Untame, he solidified his place in the video game industry as an award-winning game designer, programmer, and author. He has spoken and presented at numerous universities and industry events, including leading top-rated sessions at the biggest video game conference in the world, GDC.

Itay Keren
Lead Design Engineer

From the company’s inception, Andy has led a growing development team at Level Ex. He focuses on designing and implementing the core systems, architecture, and learning mechanics featured across the company’s medical games. His acquired knowledge of both game development and medical education has made him an invaluable asset. Before Level Ex, Andy held multiple engineering roles at WMS Gaming and Phosphor Games and built educational products aligning learning objectives with game mechanics for Kaplan Higher Education. Andy holds a BFA in Time Arts from Northern Illinois University. When he is not trying to make doctors better at what they do, he is developing strange and experimental indie games, which are exhibited at art shows around Chicago. Passionate about the gaming community, Andy helps organize Bit Bash, one of the largest independent games festivals in the world.

Andy Saia
Lead Software Engineer

Ryan is a highly motivated character artist in the video game industry with numerous title credits, including Heroes Reborn , Man of Steel, Horn , WWE Immortals, and World War Z. He is driven by the process of making video games and keeping up with the fast-paced, ever-evolving industry, including bringing a creative video game pipeline into the medical space through Level Ex. As head of Level Ex’s art team, Ryan oversees the creation of 3D anatomical models, animation, visual effects, and UI design. Ryan’s team is responsible for delivering the ultra-realism seen across the company’s mobile, AR, and VR experiences. Ryan’s background includes mastery in high frequency sculpting and 3D printing. He holds a BA in Interactive Arts and Media from Columbia College in Chicago. In Ryan’s free time, you can find him working on personal VR projects, as well as collaborating with friends on indie game projects.

Ryan Blake
Art Lead

Steve leads a development team at Level Ex focused on building core technology for its video games. In particular, he worked on the simulations for the devices and accessories used during endoscopy, as well as enhancements to the life-like tissue interactions featured in Airway Ex and Gastro Ex. He earned his degree in General Engineering from the University of Illinois where he specialized in bio-medical engineering. Steve’s career began as the Field Service Manager for Nanosphere, where he acquired his passion for software engineering and design. He has since worked with numerous companies in the Chicago technology scene from Emmi Solutions and Groupon, to newer players like Applied Pathways, AgentRun and PageVault. Steve's diverse hobbies include interior design, snowboarding, and programming language theory.

Steve Kane
Lead Software Engineer

Joomee serves as the company’s CRM expert understanding user behaviors in Level Ex’s apps and crafting strategies. She uses tactics like email, push notifications, and social media to drive repeat engagement and forge strong relationships with app users. She also leads the company’s data analytics function across all of its mobile apps. Joomee brings over 15 years of email and retention marketing experience to Level Ex, including holding roles as the former Director of CRM at General Assembly and Director of Retention Marketing at WebMD. At WebMD, she supervised a team of 12 technical producers and marketing managers focused on engaging healthcare professionals to use Medscape websites and mobile apps. She also managed campaigns deploying over a billion emails per year in the role. Joomee’s love for science and medicine started in college where she pursued her bachelor’s in Chemistry at New York University. Joomee still calls NYC home, where you can often find her running or playing Pokeman Go with her family.

Joomee Lee
Senior Director, Marketing

John (JP) manages the day-to-day production across Level Ex’s development teams. He brings over 20 years of senior production experience to the company, previously holding senior producer roles at top game studios and entertainment companies including Zynga, Phosphor Games, Disney Interactive, Midway Games, and Viacom. He’s a seasoned leader with deep experience leading fast-moving development projects and managing multiple game teams. John earned a BFA in Graphic Design from Millikin University in Illinois, and is a member of the International Game Developers Association. He’s the father of twin boys, a huge music nerd, long-time dual sport motorcyclist and American Motorcyclist Association member.

John Podlasek
Executive Producer

Tiana ensures that Level Ex’s growth is a smooth one from managing the day-to-day operations of the company’s offices, handling payroll, HR recruitment, and remembering birthdays. She brings diverse operations experience to the team. In prior roles, she has handled union initiatives and related data reporting for SEIU 775, in addition to project manager, administrative, and operations roles for early-stage startups in the Pacific Northwest. When Tiana is not trying to outpace our fast-moving team, she enjoys her time as an award-winning performance poet, burlesque performer, and serving on the board for the non-profit, Books for Prisoners. Sometimes the team enjoys watching her yell at her favorite hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, especially in Blackhawks country.

Tiana Dietz
Operations Manager  

Billy is a senior software engineer in Level Ex’s Chicago game studio. Billy was a software engineer at NetherRealm Studios (WB Games), before joining Level Ex, where he wrote a large portion of the code for Injustice 2. Prior to NetherRealm, he was a software engineer at Phosphor Games. His notable iOS titles include WWE Immortals, Mortal Kombat X, and Injustice 2. Billy holds a BA in Film and Video, Editing, Motion Design, and Animation from Columbia College, Chicago, and an MS in Computer Science, Multimedia from DePaul University. In his downtime, he enjoys building game engines.

Billy Basso
Software Engineer

Victoria brings excitement to solving medical problems with Level Ex’s game developers by leveraging her academic background in biomedical engineering, human physiology, and traditional medicine. With a BS in Kinesiology and MS in Bioengineering: Biomechanics and Neural Engineering from the University of Illinois, her knowledge of medical device development is tapped daily by the team to develop life-like simulations. Prior to Level Ex, she has held a number of research roles, including designing an exoskeleton to aid recovering stroke patients and exploring the mechanics of the right ventricle to understand tissue-level properties of the myocardium and tissue-level changes in pulmonary arterial hypertension. She is passionate about understanding the human body, when and why disease occurs, and how to augment it to support with rehabilitation. Chicago is Victoria’s hometown where she enjoys building and designing her own furniture and staying fit being an avid weightlifter.

Victoria Perizes
Medical Research Associate

Bob joined the Level Ex art team bringing 15 years of experience creating art in multiple disciplines, including concept art, illustration, cartooning, and UI art. He studies and applies intuitive user interface design to move users intuitively through Level Ex’s games. He thrives on designing fun and creative characters, creatures, and game UI with notable work featured in Captain America: Super Soldier, Immortals, Nether, and Zoombies: Animales de la Muerte. Bob studied fine art and animation, and can be found collecting people in his sketchbook or decompressing with electronic video games.

Bob Nelson
UI/UX Designer

Paul is a software engineer in Level Ex’s Chicago game studio. He has spent the past year handling programming for both the Airway Ex and Gastro Ex games. Prior to Level Ex, Paul obtained his graduate degree in Computer Game Development, Computer Science at DePaul University and a BFA in Game Art & Design at Illinois Institute of Art with a focus on 3D modeling for computer games. When he is not programming, you can find Paul bartending at a popular spot around town.

Paul Bellinghiere Jr.

Whit is a software engineer in Level Ex’s Chicago game studio. Prior to Level Ex, he worked as a Unity3D Developer at Phosphor Studios where he focused on VR gameplay implementation and UI engineering. As an independent game designer, he has also launched four games with a combined total of over 4 million downloads that have been featured in over 100 countries and reached #2 on the App Store’s Top Apps list. Pivvot, one of the four games, is an award-winning game that won IndieCade Digital Select and App Store Best of 2013. Whit holds a BME (Bachelor’s of Music Education) from Indiana University. Outside of the game studio, you can find Whit playing the piano, tennis, or video games.

Whitaker Trebella
Software Engineer  

Matthew (Thew) is a software engineer in Level Ex’s Chicago game studio. He designs fluid simulations for complex tissue formations that live up to our ultra-realistic claims. His talents of GPU rendering and visual effects can be seen across the company’s games. Thew has held numerous indie game developer and VFX artist roles, including working on titles like 20XX and Aerobat. He holds a BS in Computer Science from George Mason University and shifts into Illustrator mode when not creating games.

Matthew Yeager
Software Engineer  

Rosie is our day-to-day brand champion running Level Ex’s public relations, social media, events, and content initiatives. Always with a smile on her face, she does a little bit of everything to elevate Level Ex’s growing brand to medical professionals and the healthcare industry at large. Prior to Level Ex, Rosie was a client experience manager at Monigle, a Denver-based branding agency, working with internationally known healthcare organizations on large-scale creative projects to engage patients. In addition to creative development, she was a PR account executive at SHIFT Communications pitching reporters on behalf of her healthcare clients. Rosie holds a BA from Bates College in Sociology and Psychology. Despite her Boston roots, she now calls Denver home where you can find her racking up serious miles trail running, hiking, and skiing.

Rosie Hale
Marketing Manager

Chris is a software engineer in Level Ex’s Chicago game studio. His background is in new media art and he serves as a lecturer at The School of the Art Institute. Chris’s work has been featured extensively in both the US and abroad, including the Museum of the Moving Image, The Musieums Quartier in Vienna, The Goethe Institut, The Nueberger Museum, The MCA, MDW, CAC, CS13, WFMU, WLPN, SFMOMA(’s blog), and other places both with and without acronyms. His work has been written about in the New York Times, as well as on Rock Paper Shotgun, and Rhizome.

Chris Collins
Software Engineer  
aaron dittmann

Aaron is a software engineer in Level Ex’s Chicago game studio. Prior to Level Ex, Aaron was a game engineer at InContext Solutions and before that he was a software engineer at NetherRealm Studios. He received his BS in Computer Game Development from DePaul University and his MS in Software Engineering from DePaul University.

Aaron Dittmann
Software Engineer

Lead Advisors


Dr. Ehrlich serves as a Medical Director at Level Ex providing a wide range of medical oversight and ongoing guidance to support the development of the company’s gastroenterology app, Gastro Ex. He is a practicing gastroenterologist at Temple University Hospital, as well as the Co-Medical Director of the IBD Program and Associate Director of the Fellowship Program at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. His clinical interests include epidemiology of inflammatory bowel diseases.

Adam Ehrlich, MD
Medical Director,
Gastro Ex

Dr. Gantwerker serves as a Medical Director at Level Ex providing guidance on the development of continuing medical education (CME) programs and ensures that the company’s video games address educational gaps for physicians. He also serves as an advisor in the areas of airway surgery and general otolaryngology. Dr. Gantwerker is a practicing pediatric ENT surgeon at UT Southwestern Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. He recently completed a master’s degree in medical education with a focus on technology and simulation from Harvard Medical School. Dr. Gantwerker’s interests include medical simulation, AR, VR, and emerging modalities for medical education.

Eric Gantwerker, MD
Medical Education

Dr. Bajaj serves as a Medical Director at Level Ex sharing best practices in simulation training. She also serves as an advisor in OB/GYN surgery. Dr. Bajaj brings incredible insight to the company with her dedication to medical simulation and innovative education. She is the Clinical Director at the Institute of Medical Simulation training 40,000 providers each year that practice across NYC Health + Hospitals network (the largest public health system in the country). Dr. Bajaj is a practicing OB/GYN surgeon, reproductive geneticist, and an Associate Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Most recently, she earned a Masters in Health Professional Education from Massachusetts General Hospital, Institute of Health Professions.

Komal Bajaj, MD
Medical Simulation

Dr. Gordon serves as an advisor in the areas of neurology and critical care at Level Ex. He has provided guidance on intubation best practices in a critical care setting, and is currently providing direction in the areas of neurology and neurosurgery simulation. Dr. Gordon is passionate about cutting edge technology and guiding its application in medicine, including onboarding state-of-the-art medical simulation programs to improve physician performance. Dr. Gordon is Medical Director, Neuro ICU at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, and an Associate Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Errol Gordon, MD
Lead Advisor,
Neurology & Critical Care

Dr. Glassenberg serves as an anesthesiology advisor at Level Ex. He brings over 30 years of experience in Anesthesiology, especially in difficult airway intubation. Dr. Glassenberg is an Associate Professor, Anesthesiology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and a practicing anesthesiologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The first prototype of Airway Ex was designed for Dr. Glassenberg to train a group of Chicago-based anesthesiologists in fiberoptic intubation.

Ray Glassenberg, MD
Lead Advisor,

Dr. Wang serves as an advisor in the areas of gynecology, minimally invasive surgery, and robotic surgery at Level Ex. Dr. Wang is a minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon and assistant professor at Johns Hopkins Medicine, with a primary clinical focus on the surgical management of benign gynecologic conditions, including abnormal bleeding, fibroids endometriosis, pelvic pain, and office procedures. She also holds research interest in quality and safety, surgical outcomes, and surgical training.

Karen Wang, MD
Lead Advisor,
Gynecologic Surgery

Dr. Lerner serves as an advisor in pediatric gastroenterology at Level Ex. Dr. Lerner is a practicing pediatric gastroenterologist and assistant professor in Pediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, with a special interest in advanced endoscopic procedures and treating patients with inflammatory bowel disease and esophageal disorders. Her other interests include meaningful patient education and quality improvement.

Diana Lerner, MD
Lead Advisor,
Pediatric Gastroenterology

Dr. Guitron serves as an advisor in the areas of thoracic and cardiac surgery at Level Ex. Dr. Guitron is a practicing thoracic and cardiac surgeon based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including University of Cincinnati Medical Center and Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center. He is also an Assistant Professor of Surgery at University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Julian Guitron, MD
Lead Advisor,
Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery
Dan Malven
Managing Director,
4490 Ventures
Board Member
John Harris
General Partner,
JAZZ Venture Partners
Board Member
Adam Koopersmith
Partner, Pritzker Group
Steven Collens

Marc recently joined as a strategic advisor to Level Ex. He provides guidance on how pharmaceutical and medical device companies can leverage Level Ex’s technology to activate and engage physician audiences. Marc brings over 15 years of sales, product development, and commercialization experience to the company. He was formerly the head of advertising and commercial solutions for the consumer and HCP divisions of WebMD. For over a decade, he worked with every major pharmaceutical brand to design and deliver marketing solutions that targeted the 75 million consumers using WebMD and 2 million professional members using Medscape every month. At its highest point, his achievements resulted in over $500+ million in revenue per year for the company. Outside of healthcare, Marc researches and designs consumer-facing solutions using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.

Marc Paquette
Strategic Advisor,
Commercial Partnerships